Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Enough Chefs

the sugary dome of our fair City Hall

In what's to become an annual event, the Pasadena Museum of History will hold a 124th birthday party for our city this Saturday, June 12th (click the link for details). The birthday cake will be fashioned like the top of City Hall. I got to see the cake in progress where 14 student pastry chefs, under the guidance of Chef Joshua Orlando and Chef Instructor Alicia Boada, are creating it at Le Cordon Bleu's Pasadena west campus.

Student pastry chefs Rosetta Heung and Stacey Choi match colors for the cake's layers.

Andrea Bramall and Jonathan Whitney place tiny, tasty tiles on the dome.

How many cakes have you made that require a production schedule?

Flowers, garlands, and all the elegant architectural details you know of Pasadena's City Hall will be meticulously reproduced on the cake. If you can't make it to the party Saturday, check with Le Cordon Bleu school. You might be able to see the decorative part in their lobby for some time to come.

Student pastry chefs Jeanne Nelson, Berlin Mercado and Tracy Latimer remove a protective sheet from the cake's layers.

Tracy places a stencil.

Looks like this layer's going to be round. That's Crystal Mazzarella with the knife.

Find more information and another shot of these fabulous women at Pasadena Daily Photo.