Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pasadena's Iraq War 5 Year Anniversary Vigil

Yesterday's vigil was heartening, to say the least. I met and photographed a lot of great people. The turnout was terrific, and the support from the traffic (honk!!!) was spectacular.

P.J. the positive!

A well-spoken patriot.

Jaunty tie clasp.

A veteran of the first Iraq war shows up for peace.

Teach your children well.


lynn said...

Well done Petrea!

Kelly said...

A nice display. I liked the variety of signs! The final caption was perfect!

Lindsey said...

Okay...a few things I agree and disagree with here. I agree, this war... did Bush get us into Iraq anyway? One day we're fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, then all of a sudden news of an Iraq war pops up.

We lose many American lives over there for what? Oil? Apalling, to say the least. If this economy is so low as to start a war based on oil... I don't know how these people sleep at night...

As for republicans... With some six to seven years with republicans supporting this war and democrats opposing it, let alone we have one repubican president and one republican presidential candidate reluctant to withdraw, it's a bit hard for me and those near me to "Luv the republican."

And rebellion to tyrants... well Saddam is six feet under, yet we're still in Iraq "rebelling" against "tyrants" -- like who? The only tyrants today I can consider a threat are Kim Jhong Ihl of North Korea and Mao Zidong of China. We have reports of nuclear weapons in Kim Jhong's possession and recently Chinese officials *hacked* the pentagon! What's the bigger threat here: nukes and hackers infiltrating our government, or a lack of oil? It's amazing how many people would answer the latter...