Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bastille Day Eve with the SoCal PDP Fan Pod

Southern California fans of Paris Daily Photo celebrated Bastille Day at Lilly's French Cafe in Venice. We'd have gone to Perris, but it's too far from L.A.

Here we are early in the evening, when we first met and before the ice was broken. Seated, you see Tall Gary, Pont Girl and my husband, John. Standing: that's Carrie on the left and me on the right.

Wow, what a difference after a Kir Royale and a meal, huh? What a wacky bunch! Actually we had a great time discussing our mutual interests in France and its history and culture, plus our work, our travels and the other things that make up good conversation. We talked a lot about Paris Daily Photo, the unique and wonderful blog that brought us together, and all the unique and wonderful people we've met there—especially Eric Tenin, the master of ceremonies.

This is "Eric the Escargot." He didn't make it through the meal. Too tasty. You know we're big fans.


Eric said...

I wish so much I had been with you ;-( (Of course that would me no photos of Bastille Day, LOL, but...)

It's really coll to see everybody's face.

Not to mention how honored I feel to have given my name to an escargot LOL!

Thanks Petrea and everybody on the photo.

I must rush to the Champs de Mars right now. Talk to you later.

Pont Girl said...

Thanks, Petrea! They are awesome pix, and I had such a great time. Thanks for organizing everything - much appreciated!!

from cali said...

Looks like "Eric" was a tasty dish! :-o

Thank you for sharing the photos.

Tall Gary said...

Good food, good company, good conversation, good master of ceremonies. I guess I can find the correct adjective to describe the experience.

Petrea said...

Bless you, Eric. Bless you all. It's a loving community and I'm grateful to be a part of it.

Dina said...

How did I miss this post?
John looks like . . . how you Americans say? . . . a real keeper.

Petrea said...

That he is, Dina!

Dusty Lens said...
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Dusty Lens said...

Dinner and wine with new friends, what could be better? Escargot! I had the chance of enjoying these tastey delights in Paris last April. I must say I enjoyed them, but thought the price to be a bit steep...I was still hungry. ;)

My apologies, seems my typing skills have failed me.